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10 Interesting Facts About Land Rover

10 Interesting Facts About Land Rover

Land Rover… The iconic brand that identify the quality and style of British engineering… One of the most successful automobile manufacturers in the world! The brand is popular around the world and one of the remarkable fans of it is the Royal Family!

I wonder if you know everything about Land Rover? As Key Garage, we would like to introduce you this brand, which has left its mark on automotive history, more closely

1- Steering wheel of the first Land Rovers were in the center

The steering wheel of the first Land Rover prototype, produced in 1947, was in the center of the console, which was probably inspired by the Jeep. Thus, there was enough room for one passenger on each side of the driver. In addition, the fact that there was no need to reposition the steering wheel in exported vehicles provided an advantage to the brand.

2- Land Rover participated in the Far East Expedition organized by Oxford and Cambridge

It all started in the 1950s when two friends made a bet with their desire to break records. Oxford and Cambridge students, negotiating with the Rover Company, were to travel approximately 32,000 km from London to Singapore. This has never been achieved before.

Rover Company provided two Series I vehicles, and the adventure would be filmed by the BBC along the way. Oxford and Cambridge’s driving adventures to the Far East have left their names and Land Rover’s in history.

3- Land Rover built the first Monster Truck

In the 1950s the UK Forestry Department needed a very specific tool for use in muddy and marshy terrain. We are not going into details, but as Key Garage, we should happily state that Land Rover produced this special vehicle. When the long-axle monster truck with four tractor wheels left the Land Rover factory, it was 30 years before it was a truly popular design.

4- Rovercraft

The first Rovercraft, a type of hovercraft, was produced by the Vickers aircraft company in the 1960s. Rovercraft, which was nothing more than a Land Rover with an inflatable airbag, was intended to be used for spraying crops. However, it was never put into mass production.

Undoubtedly, Land Rover developed other special models in the following years. Now Key Garage customizes your Land Rover for you, modifies it and makes your dreams come true.

5- There is nothing better than a Land Rover as an Escape Vehicle!

Land Rover also played a crucial role in the Great Train Robbery of 1963. The gang of 15, including the notorious Ronnie Biggs, fled with today’s $7 million in cash after robbing a mail train. In the event that went down in British history as the Great Train Robbery, the thieves fled to a farm in Buckinghamshire using two stolen Land Rovers.

6- Range Rover is produced exactly how its first prototype was designed

Do you know? The 1966 Range Rover prototype entered mass production without any modifications. A rare occurrence in the automotive industry!

Launched as an exemplary work in industrial design, this model was the first automobile to be exhibited at the Louvre in Paris in 1971.

7- Land Rover appeared in hundreds of films

Land Rover models also starred in unforgettable films of cinema history, including Tomb Raider, Shaun of the Dead, The Italian Job, Sky Fall and Specter. It’s no surprise that it’s one of James Bond’s most trusted vehicles.

8- Land Rover is one of the favorite vehicles of the Royal Family

If you are driving a Land Rover Defender, you should know that you are a member of a privileged and elite group. You ask why? Because members of the Royal Family, including the Queen of England, are also Land Rover enthusiasts. Her majesty, who reportedly owned more than 30 of these classic cars in her lifetime, had a custom-built Defender in 2002 with green leather upholstery and a powerful 4.2-liter V8 engine.

If you are dreaming of a Land Rover worthy of royalty, at Key Garage we are ready to make it happen.

9- Land Rover has 3 Royal Warrants

Apart from Jaguar, Land Rover is the only automaker to hold 3 Royal Warrants. These emblems highlight that the brand in question is a supplier of services or products to the Queen of England, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.

10- Land Rover: Celebrities’ Choice

Land Rover, which has been highly appreciated by the Royal Family, is also popular among A-class celebrities. Daniel Craig, Victoria Beckham, and Reese Witherspoon are just some of the celebrities who own a Land Rover.