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Land Rover History

Land Rover History

Land Rover is an iconic British brand that has grown in popularity since its launch in 1948 and has become one of the favorite brands of the Royal Family.

Let’s take a look at the history of the Land Rover family, which currently consists of three Land Rover models and four Range Rover models.

Introducing Land Rover

The design works of Land Rover was completed in 1947, and it was first introduced on 30 April 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor Show.

After the rapid success of the first series, Land Rover continued to grow and get a more musculine shape. With a larger engine, wider body and more refined design, Series II Land Rover was launched 10 years later.

1959, when the 250,000th Land Rover rolled off the production line, is considered an important milestone in the brand’s history. In the following years, Land Rover design was further developed with the introduction of new models with all-wheel drive.

Enter The Range Rover!

In fact, it was 1952 when the Rover Company put the first ideas for the design of the Range Rover on the drawing board. Although the first designs were introduced so early, the Range Rover was only officially launched in 1970.

Range Rover had a remarkable marketing strategy: a perfect car for family vacations, combining off-road capabilities with high-end luxury. The brand achieved another great success with production reaching 100,000 in 1982.

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Let’s see the milestones in Land Rover history at a glance:

1948 – The first Land Rover introduced
1958 – Land Rover Series II launched
1961 – Land Rover Series IIA launched
1966 – Production reached 500,000 car
1970 – First Range Rover introduced
1971 – Land Rover Series III launched
1976 – Production reached 1 million car
1980 – Four-door Range Rover launched
1983 – Land Rover 110 introduced
1984 – Land Rover 90 introduced
1989 – Land Rover Discovery introduced
1990 – Land Rover 110 and 90 models were renamed as Land Rover Defender
1997 – Land Rover Freelander introduced
1998 – Land Rover’s 50th Anniversary
2005 – Range Rover Sport introduced
2012 – Range Rover Evoque introduced
2017 – Range Rover Velar introduced
2018 – Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary

So, who owns Land Rover?

Land Rover, which started its commercial life as the Rover Company, was acquired by Leyland Motor Corporation in 1967.

Then in 1978, Land Rover officially became a company under the umbrella of British Leyland Motors.

In 1994 the Rover Group was acquired by BMW. By 2000 the Rover Group was wound up and Land Rover was sold to Ford, which formed part of the Premier Automotive Group. In 2006, Ford also bought the Rover brand from BMW.

By 2008, Tata Motors purchased both Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford, forming Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

Royal Warrants to Land Rover

The Land Rover has always been a popular car among the Royal Family in its entire history. The nobility approval granted to the company by the British Royal Family is a warrant of privilege only to those who supply goods and services to the Queen of England, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.

Alongside Jaguar, Land Rover is the only automaker to hold all three of the Royal Warrants.

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